Automatic downloading of 'Export data' information

The automatic processing of information from the TenneT website can now be easily realised by downloading the information from the 'Export data' page. The required data, period and format can be indicated in the URL, after which you will immediately receive the export file.

This way of automatically downloading data is, however, linked to the way the new website works. If you wish to process the data from the website in an independent manner, you can use the XML files we offer (see XML Downloads and

Data can be requested automatically by means of parameters. The following parameters can be used for this purpose:

Name Value
format  xml, csv, xls
datefrom dd-mm-yyyy (e.g.  1-6-2006, 18-10-2006)
dateto dd-mm-yyyy (e.g. 1-6-2006, 18-10-2006)
submit 1 (for standard export with datefrom and dateto)
2 (for 30-day-ahead market)
3 (for installed capacity)
exporttype see table below

Data parameter
Available capacity availablecapacity
Balance delta with prices BalansdeltaPrices
Balance Delta with IGCC balancedeltaIGCC
Balance Delta 2017 balancedelta2017
Bid price ladder bidpriceladder
History of deployed
regulating and reserve capacity
History of PRP imbalance volumesettledimbalance
Intraday Intraday
Ladder size < 15 min laddersize15
Imbalance imbalance
Imbalance price  settlementprices
Installed capacity installedcapacity
Measurement data measurementdata
Regulating margin regulatingmargin
30-day-ahead market thirtydaysahead
Total ladder size laddersizetotal


Data on the Balance Delta with IGCC, dated 1 to 2 January 2006, in XML format: 

Data on available capacity, dated 1 to 28 February 2006, in CSV format:

Data on the bid price ladder, dated 1 to 31 March 2006, in Excel format: 

30-day-ahead market

The parameters for the 30-day-ahead market are not entirely the same.
parameter values
tso 1 (= Transpower)
  2 (= ELIA)
  3 (= Amprion)
submit 2

Data on the 30-day-ahead market of Amprion, in Excel format:

Installed capacity

The parameters for the installed capacity are not entirely the same.
parameter values
quarter yyyy-q
  (2007-1, 2007-2, etc)
submit 3

Data on installed capacity from the first quarter of 2007, in CSV format: