Operational reports

This page contains operational reports issued by TenneT concerning:

  • 'Not Normal' state of the grid or the system
  • Maintenance on TenneT-systems
  • Activation of emergency power
  • Market coupling

The most recent report will be at the bottom of this page. Message-history will be accessible during one month.  If you subscribe to an RSS feed for a particular web page, the RSS reader will automatically notify you of any updates to this page. More information about RSS feed.

Upgrade CPS

In order to safeguard the quality and availability of the Central P.O. Box System, an upgrade of the Sun Messaging Server is required. Read more about this upgrade.

17-04-2019 03:12  |   Marktrestrictie Multigebieden
08-04-2019 21:34  |   Marktrestrictie Multigebieden
29-03-2019 22:57  |   9 Einde Storing aan systemen bij TenneT
29-03-2019 18:04  |   Aanvraag extra reservevermogen
29-03-2019 18:00  |   Aanvraag extra reservevermogen
27-03-2019 09:57  |   Marktrestrictie Multigebieden
20-03-2019 12:08  |   Aankondiging Winter Zomertijd Overgang