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25-03-2024 13:31

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Dear relation,


Currently, the Day Ahead nomination deadline for submitting E-programs is 2:00 PM (D-1). TenneT is part of the largest capacity calculation region, the Core region. This region is formed by 16 TSOs. With a few exceptions, all these TSOs apply a deadline of 2:30 PM. From the perspective of further European harmonization, TenneT has submitted a proposal to ACM to bring this deadline in the Netherlands into line with the deadline used by the other TSOs in the Core region. ACM has now agreed to amend the Dutch Electricity Network Code (“Netcode elektriciteit”), so that the new Day Ahead deadline for submitting E-programs is set at 2:30 PM. After TenneT has made the necessary technical adjustments, the new deadline will become operational. You will be informed about the go-live date via a new message.



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