From/Van: TenneT TSO BV
Utrechtseweg 310
NL-6812 AR Arnhem
 Phone/Telefoon:+31 26 373 1241
 Subject/Betreft: Request for Reserve Power Other Purposes (ROP) bids and Grid Operator for Congestion Solutions (GOPACS) orders


Dear sir / madam,

This is a request from TenneT for downward and/or upward bids for Reserve Power Other Purposes (ROP) and sell orders and/or buy orders on Grid Operator Platform for Congestion Solutions (GOPACS) for the indicated time period in order to solve one or more specific transmission problems.If necessary, you can request TenneT for a request number (see phone number above).

Bids can be submitted either directly to TenneT in case of ROP or via participating market platforms in case of GOPACS. Market parties that are subject to mandatory bids (Connection and Transmission Agreement > 60 MW) must, in case they submit bids on GOPACS, also submit this capacity as ROP to TenneT.

For more information about the product specifications see and .

Date: 18-dec-2019
Period start: 07:00
Period end: 17:00
Call time: 3 or more PTU
Call duration: 4 or more PTU
Required volume UP: >300MW
Required volume DOWN: >300MW


Bids/Order type


 Downward ROP bids (GOPACS: buy orders)
02-Groningen, Drenthe, Flevoland Noord* en Overijssel Downward ROP bids (GOPACS: buy orders)
03-Flevoland Zuid* en Gelderland Upward ROP bids (GOPACS: sell orders)
04-Utrecht Upward ROP bids (GOPACS: sell orders)
05-Noord-Holland Upward ROP bids (GOPACS: sell orders)
06-Zuid-Holland Upward ROP bids (GOPACS: sell orders)
07-Zeeland Upward ROP bids (GOPACS: sell orders)
08-Brabant Upward ROP bids (GOPACS: sell orders)
09-Limburg Upward ROP bids (GOPACS: sell orders)
10-Eemshaven Downward ROP bids (GOPACS: buy orders)
11-Hemweg Upward ROP bids (GOPACS: sell orders)
12-Velsen Upward ROP bids (GOPACS: sell orders)
13-Eemshaven Oude Schip - Doekegat Downward ROP bids (GOPACS: buy orders)

*) The geographical border between Flevoland-Noord and Flevoland-Zuid is indicated by the Ketelmeer.

Additional remarks:

We thank you for your cooperation.

TenneT TSO B.V.